Saturday, May 12, 2012

Frightening Fact 4: the experts don't agree

Well, actually they do. Of course, they word things cautiously, but basically they tell us that they think Wi-Fi is safe.

The UK's Health Protection Agency says"the HPA does not consider there to be a problem with the safety of WLAN."

The World Health Organisation which  in 1996 launched a large, multidisciplinary research effort, The International EMF Project "bringing together current knowledge and available resources of key international and national agencies and scientific institutions"says: "Despite the feeling of some people that more research needs to be done, scientific knowledge in this area is now more extensive than for most chemicals. Based on a recent in-depth review of the scientific literature, the WHO concluded that current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic fields."

Canada Santé says, "Levels of radiofrequency energy emitted from Wi-Fi equipment are typically well below these safety limits. As long as exposure is below these established limits, there is no convincing scientific evidence that this equipment is dangerous to schoolchildren or to Canadians in general."

Or, in French:
 « Le niveau d'énergie des fréquences radio qu'émettent les systèmes Wi-Fi est généralement très en-deçà du seuil recommandé. Dans la mesure où l'exposition est inférieure au seuil prescrit, aucune donnée scientifique probante ne permet d'établir que ces systèmes sont dangereux pour les élèves ou pour les Canadiens en général. »

The Fondation Santé et RadioFrequences says, « Les études menées jusqu'à aujourd'hui n'ont permis d'identifier aucun impact des radiofréquences sur la santé en deçà [des limites de puissance légales]. »

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